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97.5% of all Europeans have no relationship with Jesus Christ.

Kontaktmission is a networked mission movement empowering Christians worldwide to live out their God-given callings, and sending them out for the building up of His church.

We've discovered that our "international idea" of connecting people and ministries opens doors for the gospel, helps avoid common mistakes, and makes missions much more effective.

"I loved working with and learning from the local missionary."

― Jaron, college student & GoConnect tripster

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What Heaven Will Be Like

Nick Burczyk, serving with his wife, Mallorie as KM missionaries in Hannover, Germany, along with their children Cade and Clara recently posted the following article on their website. What Heaven Will Be Like November 9, 2016NOVEMBER 9, 2016 / NICK BURCZYK Way back in the day, when people all spoke the same language, they decided to build a tower…

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Great to meet you!

Hey from the stateside office of Kontaktmission,It was fantastic to meet so many new folks at this years ICOM in Lexington, KY. We’re still digging out from it! We just unloaded the trailer today and we’re just now compiling the names of all those who came by to talk to us. It was a lot…

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Here is Prayer Blast video from Clay Elliot. This was prepared earlier this Spring but was unable to be posted due to technical difficulties. This and future Prayer Blast videos are to help all of find ways to improve our prayer lives. Please feel free to share these with anyone you feel would benefit from…

“Prayer as a relationship is probably your best indicator about the health of your love relationship with God. If your prayer life has been slack, your love relationship has gone cold.” “Nothing is more vital than prayer in Christian experience, and few things are more vulnerable to neglect.” -John Piper OK, can we please just…

I’ve noticed over the years that each season of the year brings with it certain patterns in what we do around here. In December and January, for example, we receive many more contacts from people who are interested in being sent as missionaries than we do in, say, June and July. It’s that way every…

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