The Latest from The Swains – Mitarbeitertagung

Every Spring, Kontaktmission holds a Missions Conference for European supporters followed by a Mitarbeitertagung (co-worker meetings) which is week long meeting of KM missionaries, staffers and leaders. These meetings are held in Southern Germany. In this article, Luke and Tiffanie Swain share their impressions of this year’s meetings.  Please click on the link below to…

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Tasha Burns, Missions Academy Update

Here is a link to the latest blog from Tasha Burns, who is now in her second year with KM’s Mission Academy.

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New Update from Luke and Tiffanie Swain

Luke and Tiffanie Swain, serve in Galway, Ireland as part of a KM team with Stephen and Alisa Walton. Here is a link to their latest blog post regarding the completion of their first year there. Please join with all us of here at KMUSA in celebrating their continued success.

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7 Reasons to Rejoice with KMUSA

7 Reasons to Rejoice with KM USA About the 2017 That Was & the 2018 To ComeThis past year saw wonderful growth and positive change in at least 7 areas. We believe there were actually more like 12, but we like the number 7 for lists like this. Rejoice with us, please, and do please pray…

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