7 Reasons to Rejoice with KMUSA

7 Reasons to Rejoice with KMUSA

7 Reasons to Rejoice with KM USA About the 2017 That Was & the 2018 To Come

This past year saw wonderful growth and positive change in at least 7 areas. We believe there were actually more like 12, but we like the number 7 for lists like this. Rejoice with us, please, and do please pray for these areas to develop even more this calendar year!

1. God allowed us to add new long-term missionaries to France, Ireland and Germany!

2. God allowed us to explore and add new sending models. (Fun example: this year KMUSA sent a German woman, who was studying in the USA, back to Germany to serve with an organization not far from her home, where she has already begun teaching Bible to German ministry students.)

3. God allowed us to form great new partnerships. An international Christian school, a Romanian/Arabic ministry, a Norwegian church group, and even a Zimbabwean school and evangelistic ministry! In addition, another long-time partner organization joined with us to launch a brand new ministry in Canada, named Kontakt Canada, which is already taking off and sending first missionaries.

4. God added new kinds of team members to KM. (One example: a ministry that provides discipleship training to Romanian village churches, run by a Romanian man and his American wife. They also lead groups from the US.)

5. God introduced us to new long-term missionaries in a variety of ways – through mutual acquaintances, through partners, through events, through college visits, and through our website.

6. God blessed the work of many of our US-sent missionaries with new converts, new facilities (like a beautiful ministry center in Albania), new churches and ministries, new partnerships, and new hope in dark places.

7. God allowed us to send many, mostly young people, on short trips to serve and to explore options for being sent as missionaries.

God is blessing, and we are immensely thankful to Him and to you for it all. Please do continue to partner with us & to pray with us!

As the TV used to say at commercial breaks,

“Stay with us! More to come!”

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