Meet the KM USA Office Team

kontact mission Rob

Rob Harris

US Director

Reasons to contact Rob:

To learn more about being sent as a missionary by Kontaktmission or to begin the sending process. To ask the truly difficult questions about European missions nobody else feels like addressing. To talk about questions concerning your calling, or discovering your calling. To discuss a personalized GoConnect trip.

What Rob loves about working in European missions:

"I honestly believe I have the best job in the world. It’s not just about the beauty of Europe, though. My role puts me in a position to really see God doing things in real time… smaller things like placing a new missionary exactly where he or she needs to be, or bigger things like transforming a nation. It’s always so interesting, so amazing."

kontact mission Keith

Keith Wilkins

Director of Training

Reasons to contact Keith:

To sign up for a GoConnect trip or internship. To learn about ways to partner with Kontaktmission. To schedule Keith or another team member to speak at your church or event about European missions. To inquire about discovery trip options for missions champions and church leaders.

What Keith loves about working in European missions:

"I get the joy of introducing American Christians and church leaders to European missionaries and churches. There is nothing like watching the admiration and understanding spread across their faces as they see for themselves the ministry of the church in a region where so few people know the love of Jesus!"

kontact mission Clay

Clay Elliott

Pastoral Ministries and Prayer

Reasons to contact Clay:

To learn about and be added to our Public Prayer Team. To receive a prayer assignment or make a specific prayer request. To book Clay or another team member to speak at your church or event about prayer and European missions.

What Clay loves about working in European missions:

"I love working in European missions because…well…I’m all about prayer! And there is a tremendous need for the gospel to be planted all over Europe. There will never be a shortage of things to pray about as it relates to gospel transformation in the hearts of people in Europe! I get to see firsthand how the gospel of Jesus Christ transcends race, creed, color, or cultural barrier. These are things that get me excited to pray!"

kontact mission Carla

Carla Harris

Business Manager

Reasons to contact Carla:

To ask about giving for a particular missionary. To request information about the status of your donations or the finances of a project. To get help with ACH (automatic) or other giving procedures. To request additional documentation or donation receipts.

What Carla loves about working in European missions:

"So many people in Europe don't know what the Bible really says, and that they can have a personal relationship with Jesus. I am excited to be a part of changing that!"

kontact mission Amanda

Amanda Blankenship

Executive Administrator

Reasons to contact Amanda:

To ask about becoming a ministry partner or missionary with Kontaktmission.

What Amanda loves about working in European missions:

Being part of the Kontaktmission team allows me to serve alongside fellow Christians who also believe that the most important thing we can do this side of heaven is share the truth and love of Christ. The European focus of KM gives me a unique opportunity to reach many types of people with all sorts of cultural differences, beliefs, and backgrounds. I love that this allows me to be in a constant state of growth and change – I find it challenging, and that keeps me focused on the very humbling truth that this work is not about what I can do or accomplish, it’s truly about Christ in and through me!

Join us in sharing the good news of Jesus in Europe.

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