B.A.D. Survey Trip

B.A.D. Survey Trip

Explore ministries in Belgium, Austria and Deutschland (akacanal Germany, hence the name B.A.D.). Travel by car to many different cities in each country to learn about the history, culture, current church culture, and ministries in each location. You will have the opportunity to learn from some amazing missionaries, pray for cities and ministries and participate in church activities.

This trip is a great way to survey many different mission methods and ministry styles depending on the people they serve. You will experience big city multicultural churches and smaller rural ministries.

Even though so much of church history has come from this region, there is a very small percent of bible believing evangelicals there now. Belgium has an evangelical presence of 1.2%, Austria’s evangelicals make up less than 1% and Germany is a bit higher with over 2%. There are mstreet_barrelany different cultures and religions in these countries, and now there is an even bigger influx of Islam.

Churches and ministries are doing great things, yet there is still a huge need for more missionaries. This is right in the heart of where Kontaktmission began. Business as mission is a viable method in all three countries. Come see how you can be involved with mission in Belgium, Austria and Deutschland.

Estimated Cost: $1150 for a 14-day trip including the Crash Weekend in Germany. Then add in your airfare (current prices are about $1300) and insurance ($2-5/day). It is also possible to stay on, for example in Germany, to serve in a camp, or to travel on to yet other countries. This is an inexpensive way to see a variety of European countries.

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