You want to know your support, prayer & work actually make a difference.

We want our relationship to be a true partnership.

With your help we are reaching the lost on the least Christian continent.

While Europe has a Christian heritage, those who have a relationship with Jesus are only a remnant. Post-Christian Europe as a whole has less than 5% Bible-believing Christians, making Europe the least Christian continent in the world.

At Kontaktmission, we believe a key reason for our effectiveness is our principle of International Teams (for example, we put American missionaries on teams with nationals). We see giving, caring US churches and individuals as parts of that team. Just like the Philippian church, the local US church has a “partnership in the Gospel” with the missionary and the church on the field. This partnership should not be limited to check-writing, newsletters, and occasional visits from the missionary, like in the old days – but should instead be a real and meaningful relationship between sender and sent.

International: Not Just Lip Service

Many times, when an American-led church plant fails in a foreign land, it is because it could not transition from American leadership to national leadership. But what if the agency that does the sending has a multi-national leadership? And what if the church plant starts with nationals in leadership? And what if the church planters partnered with locals from the project’s inception? This would make a difference...

International: Not Just Lip Service

Send. Plant. Multiply.

It’s not just a motto – it’s how we work, and what we're always aiming for! We send Christian workers and team them with local leaders. We plant churches in places where the church does not exist or is not strong enough to stand on her own. We expect churches not just to multiply in number, but also to become sending and planting churches...

Send. Plant. Multiply.

Doing Things the European Way …in Europe

How should churches be planted in Europe? Nothing fails quicker than an American-cultured church that’s been planted in another part of the world. What works in the U.S. works because it is from and for this culture. Because Kontaktmission was started in Europe by Europeans, we are successfully planting churches there...

Doing Things the European Way…in Europe

Partner with us in effectively planting churches in Europe

“I made real relationships on my trip and learned so much, and now I really want to go back long-term.”

― Chelsea

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