Crash Weekend

Crash Weekend

Most summer trips and internships begin in Wüstenrot, Germany, where you will spend time with our leaders at our headquarters at our annual CrashKurs (in English we usually call it the “Crash Weekend”). This extraordinary event brings people from multiple countries who are interested in mission for a time of preparation and training for your cross-cultural experience. The Crash Weekend will help prepare you for your upcoming short-term mission experiences with Kontaktmission’s leadership as well as peers also going on GoConnect trips and internships.

This weekend-long event is extremely unique because it is a cross-cultural experience itself, from the multinational leadership to the participants themselves. From the CrashKurs you will travel to your host country and meet our missionaries to begin your GoConnect on-field experience!

IMG_1459Crash Weekend Description: You will arrive in Stuttgart, Germany and be picked up by one of our staff to bring you back to our office in Wüstenrot. The weekend will start with fellowship and a meal to get to know the other participants and staff. Then the preparation will continue with sessions that include topics like cross-cultural communication, your role in mission, your calling and more. These sessions will be interactive and full of discussion. There will be spiritual preparation through interactive prayer and meditation on scripture.

Prayer is vital to any mission ministry, so you will spend time with others in prayer for our upcoming trips and about our callings and other aspects of our lives. The weekend will wrap up on Sunday afternoon. We will even try to squeeze in a trip to a castle or cool German city to top off the great weekend! On Monday IMG_0142morning you’ll travel on to additional destinations.

The Crash Weekend is a great tool to add on to any short-term mission experience. It is designed to serve as an orientation for a 2 week to a 10 month trip. The Crash Weekend is held the last weekend in May each year and in most cases begins KM’s short-term trips. Even if you’re doing something else with the rest of your summer, it may work out for you to join us, and we’d love to have you!

Estimated cost: The cost for the Crash weekend is $150 (already included in other regular trip prices on this page). To participate in the Crash Weekend separate from another GoConnect Trip or internship with Kontaktmission, the price is $350. Price includes transportation from the Stuttgart Airport, food, some local sightseeing travel, lodging and all material costs. Airfare not included.

For more information on participating in the Crash Weekend with Kontaktmission, please contact Keith Wilkins in our office at or call at 417.825.3299.

Join us in sharing the good news of Jesus in Europe.

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