You want to see how God is moving in Europe...but don’t know how to start.

Let us help you explore real cross-cultural ministry

GoConnect trips put you in the center of European ministry and culture.

Each trip is custom designed to connect you to missionaries doing effective ministry in one or more locations. Your GoConnect trip will be the perfect opportunity for you to meet and serve alongside multinational missionary teams and to see up close how God is working in the spiritually desolate fields of Europe.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed...

We break down your process of going on a short-term trip into steps, so it’s not so complex and doesn’t feel intimidating. To make your GoConnect experience a great one, we’ll walk with you every step along the way. Like you, we want your trip to be effective, both for you and for the team or teams you’ll serve with.

The GoConnect Process

GoConnect Trips are for ministry-minded people like you!

If you are over 18 and have an active relationship with Jesus, if you want to engage in Christ-centered ministry in a cross-cultural setting, and if you want to get connected to actual mission work, then a GoConnect trip is for you. You’ll get connected with Kontaktmission’s international team and our ministry principles and core values that make us effective in Europe.

Why go with GoConnect?!

  • Each trip is customized for you or your group and can include multiple locations because of the small geographical size of Europe

  • GoConnect trips work with our international teams (not just Americans), so they show you what real mission is like in Europe with leaders from other cultures

  • Trips can be two weeks or 10 months, or even longer, depending on your needs and goals

  • GoConnect and Kontaktmission international leadership will work with your college for internship credit

  • Kontaktmission helps you every step of the way in preparation for your trip, including support raising guidance, field orientation and debrief

Ready to jump into your GoConnect trip planning?

“I wanted to find my God-given purpose, I felt God calling me to go. I feel like short term missions is a must for any believer, and God has allowed us to be part of His mission. When you join God in His pursuit to love the world you get to experience a new and deeper relationship with Christ.”

― Tasha

FAQ – Other things you probably want to know:

I see some GoConnect trip options listed, but I want to go somewhere else... is that possible?

How do I get started setting up a GoConnect trip?

Does KM have an application process and paperwork for GoConnect trips?

How much will my GoConnect trip cost? How do I pay for my trip?

Are donations tax-deductible, and can KM help organize the donations?

Why Europe?

Is there any preparation or orientation for GoConnect trips?

Ready to begin setting up your GoConnect Trip or internship?

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