“Lord have mercy” Prayer blast from Clay Elliott

“Lord have mercy” Prayer blast from Clay Elliott

“Lord, have mercy on me, heal my soul…(Ps. 41:4)”

Do we go directly to God with our pain and worry? I have often tried many different solutions to the problem of pain…whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual…BEFORE going to the Father who gives mercy to His own. When the pains of the world and even sometimes ministry get to be too much, the only place I can turn to get realigned and find true comfort is in God’s presence and promises. “As a father pities his children, so the Lord pities those who fear Him (Ps. 103:13).” As we humbly submit to the only One who can truly take our infirmities away, we are then better able to pray, “Lord, be merciful to me!”

This kind of honest and open, believing prayer, has oftentimes been more effective than anything that a doctor has prescribed me. Go to the Lord with all your cares today…He cares deeply for you (1Pt. 5:7).

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for showing Your incredible mercy to me in my greatest hour of pain and suffering. I ask that You continually remind me to appeal to You when the pains of this life seem to be unbearable. You alone are the One who gives me relief from troubles that surround me. Amen



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Here are current prayer requests from KM missionaries

From the KM mission team serving in Capetown, South Africa

“ Please pray with us for rain to relieve the drought here. The city is predicted to run completely out of water by April 29. Our hope and trust are in God, the Lord over nature.”

From the KM Missions Academy Team based in Basel, Switzerland.

“ Please pray for us  we teach Church History at the Mission Academy in Wüstenrot this month. Pray for our international students and the translator Christiane as she translates the class into English.”

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