Prayer Blast – Atmosphere?

Prayer Blast – Atmosphere?

“The Spirit makes an atmosphere around every living prayer, and within that circle prayer lives and prevails; outside of it prayer is a dead formality. As to ourselves, then, in our study, in prayer, in thought, in word, and in deed, we must depend upon the Holy Spirit.” 

                                      -C.H. Spurgeon

What on earth is this guy talking about??? It sounds like he’s saying the Holy Spirit actively puts some kind of “dome” around every living prayer! So maybe Charles Spurgeon is encouraging each of us to first try to come to grips with the power of the Holy Spirit in our prayer lives. In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit is sometimes called our paracletos, which means “comforter,” or one who comes alongside to encourage. Scripture teaches that the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf with “groanings” that somehow, mysteriously, express the Father’s will for us. This should give us amazing confidence when we pray! We can go to our Heavenly Father knowing that we have an Advocate who makes our prayers alive, and who goes before us. So we have so much to be thankful for as we depend on the Holy Spirit to completely surround every one of our prayers with His power!

Prayer Thoughts for Today

1) Pray and ask God to give you greater confidence in approaching His presence, because we have an Advocate and Comforter surrounding our every prayer.

2) Thank the Lord that the Holy Spirit goes before us, interceding for our every need!

Thanks for praying with us!

Clay Elliott


(This prayer blast was originally sent out by email on June 24, 2016. Please sign up for our regular prayer updates!)

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