Prayer Blast – Can You Do More?

Prayer Blast – Can You Do More?

“You can do more than pray after you have prayed, but you cannot do more than pray until you have prayed.”    

– S.D. Gordon

We all know we need to pray. No one has to tell us to do so. In fact, it seems to be almost hardwired into us. And when we don’t (specifically as Christians) we feel a sort of deficit within us. Knowing this, why is it that we still don’t pray? It’s estimated that the average Christian prays a measly 3 ½ minutes per day…3 ½ minutes!!!

When we pray, we are approaching the very heart of our Heavenly Father who longs to be with us, hear us, and give good gifts to His own. So, what’s the issue? Do we not know how? Do we not completely believe in the power of prayer? Do we make excuses (ie. lack of focus, lack of time, lack of qualification)? Really, the basics of prayer are pretty clear. Prayer is talking and listening to God! Don’t make it more complicated than it ought to be. Nothing moves forward, no plans succeed, unless they are first brought to the Lord in prayer! Be with the Lord in prayer…and watch how every other aspect of your life changes (Matt. 17:20)!

Prayer Thought for Today

  1. 1) PRAY!!!

Thanks for praying with us!

Clay Elliott


(This prayer blast was originally sent out on July 18, 2016. Please sign up for our regular prayer updates on the home page in the prayer panel at the bottom!)

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