Send. Plant. Multiply.

Send. Plant. Multiply.

It’s not just a motto – it’s a core principle! We send Christian workers and team them with local leaders. We plant churches in places where the church does not exist or is not strong enough to stand on her own. We expect churches not just to multiply in number, but also to become sending and planting churches.

Sending is a complicated endeavor! We can’t expect to go into a new territory with only our U.S. training and be successful. It takes planning, prep-work, and partnerships on the ground to put new missionaries into situations in which they can effectively plant churches. With our European relationships, we not only help missionaries get on their way from here, but also arrange for teams to receive them in their new homes on the field.

Planting a church in the sense of the Great Commission means planting a church where the church is not. Mission is taking the Gospel where it is not currently easily available. We do that in Europe with every outreach. There are hundreds of large cities where, although there may well be old church buildings, there’s little or no Bible-based (evangelical) church. Those are the places we want to invest in!

Multiplying members at one location is always desirable, but it is not going to change a continent. We need to plant churches that in turn become sending and planting churches themselves! For example, in Ukraine a 1994 Kontaktmission church plant has now multiplied into 9 churches in a large network, and those churches are networked well beyond just those 9 to many others. Or in Albania, one original church plant has recently multiplied into 3 churches, with more planned.

Help us make a difference in Europe by supporting us, which means supporting these send.plant.multiply goals, the pillars of our mission as Kontaktmission.

Join us in sharing the good news of Jesus in Europe.

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