Experience the warm and genuine culture of Ukrainians while working alongside our team in the Poltava region of Ukraine. Join in with leaders from Ukraine, Germany, and the U.S. to serve in the church and see how ministry is done in this country that’s been in the news so much. In the summer there are many activities to get involved with, such as kids camps and VBS and also evangelistic English camps.

Your trip will give you a unique way to see how the church in Ukraine works and what methods for ministry are used. There will be opportunity to see churches in a big city and in smaller communities. You will have opportunities to use your English to share the gospel through conversation with the locals, because Ukrainians love to practice speaking English.

About the country. Ukraine is predominately Orthodox and the people have very strong cultural traditions because of this. Even though there is growth in the number of Bible-believing Christians, and almost 4% of the 45 million are evangelical, many of these are in only a couple cities, and the Christian church in most of the country has faced slow growth because of religious opposition.

Our teams have planted churches steadily in Ukraine for about 25 years and much of our team is made up of Ukrainians. Kontaktmission has leadership and missionary training for Ukrainians in Ukraine. Biblical and leadership training is a big need for Ukrainians, and missionaries are desired. With the unrest and war in Ukraine for the past few years there have been more and more people turning to the church and seeking Christ. Ukraine needs more opportunities to hear the gospel truth.

This trip will begin with training and orientation at the Crash Weekend in Germany. You will then fly to Kiev and travel by bus or car to Kremenchug, where you will meet our missionary team. You may have the opportunity to visit neighboring cities and even see a Bible College where national leaders are trained. You will participate in what the missionaries are doing, including Bible studies, outreach projects, English lessons and much more. Use this GoConnect trip as a way to see what God is doing in Ukraine and how you can be part of it.

Estimated Cost

Estimated cost: $1250 for a 14-day trip including the Crash Weekend in Germany. Each additional week is $250 per week. Then add in your airfare (current prices are about $1400 including the stop in Stuttgart, Germany for the Crash Weekend, then flying on to Ukraine) and insurance ($2-5/day).

For more information on setting up a GoConnect trip to Ukraine with Kontaktmission, please contact Emily Wright in our office at or call us at 731-784-9422.

Join us in sharing the good news of Jesus in Europe.

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