What Heaven Will Be Like

Nick Burczyk, serving with his wife, Mallorie as KM missionaries in Hannover, Germany, along with their children Cade and Clara recently posted the following article on their website.


What Heaven Will Be Like

Way back in the day, when people all spoke the same language, they decided to build a tower to the heavens by their own power and craftiness. And God scattered them by confusing their language, because of how great we inherently assume we are (Genesis 11).

Thousands of years later, the spirit of God allowed the first disciples to understand and communicate in many languages, signaling that the church age is one where the message of the Gospel is meant to reunite all the nations of the world under one Kingdom, this time rightfully understanding our dependence on God (Acts 1-2).

We are here this week in the Kontaktmission Headquarters in southern Germany, and we are reminded of how spectacular God’s tapestry of nations really is.

The event this week is a once a year new member orientation. And this year’s 18 new families are encapsulated in the following chart:


In addition to the four languages on this chart, we also had Portuguese and French represented, but not spoken in the room!

ALL of this diversity is represented by just 18 missionaries (12 different families represented).

In the room, we have German as the primary language, and English being translated up front. Behind me is a Spanish translator speaking into a headphone system, and to my right is a Polish translator sitting between a Polish husband and wife, translating live as we go. It’s a loud room, but it’s amazing.


We are reminded here why we wanted to partner with Kontaktmission to begin with. This map shows all the places KM has sent missionaries (blue), what countries have sent missionaries to Europe through KM (green), and where these other KM outposts (like KMUSA), have sent missionaries on their own (in red).


This terrible shot of a powerpoint slide, this RIGHT HERE, is Kontaktmission in a nutshell. BLUE LINES =Missionaries sent FROM our Germany office. GREEN LINES = Missionaries coming TO Germany FROM other parts of the world, and the RED LINES = different arms of KM in different nations, sending their missionaries to other nations!

Even since we came in March, they have added Spanish as an official language (to the already-official German, English, and Russian). This is only possible because the presence in South America is growing so rapidly.


A Good Reminder

This whole week is simply a good reminder if how international—and universal—the Gospel is. We come from a very strongly Christian country in America, but we do not have a monopoly on the Gospel. In fact, we are commanded to take that Gospel to other nations! And that command doesn’t come to us as Americans, but as Christians!

It is such a blessing to have such unity in the Kingdom of God. And it is a good reminder of what heaven will be like.

But also, it’s snowing.

It’s definitely going to be snowing in heaven.????

Mach’s gut!



You can read more about the Burczyks at their website. https://makingdisciplesingermany.com/

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